Acrylic Art Paints

Craftmill offers Acrylic Paints and Craft Varnishes to suit everyones needs. Our Royal Brush Acrylic Paints suit everyone from the general hobbyist or crafter to a fine artist. Ordering your acrylic paints and craft varnishes from Craftmill means that you can be assured of unbeatable prices and fast despatch of your order

Acrylic Paint Ranges:

Fine Artist Acrylic Paints

For the keen artist, our top of the range fine artist acrylic paints are unbeatable. Available in large 120ml tubes, these are the same kind of top quality you would expect from System 3 acrylic paints, at just half the price. Extensively tested by our own in-house artist these high pigment loaded paints offer fantastic value for money.

Quality Acrylic Hobby and Artist Paints

Suitable for the general artist or hobbyist, we stock around 58 colours of these acrylic paints so you are sure to find one that suits your project or artwork. Our extensive testing reveals that these acrylic art and craft paints are equal to the best in quality at a fraction of the price. These acrylic paints give an intense colour and remain bright due to their permanent long lived pigments. Fully mixable to create the shade of your desire !

Specialist Acrylic Paints

These specialist acrylic art paints are for general hobby, artist or craft use but offer something a little different or unusual.  Our range of specialist acrylic paints includes metallic acrylic paint both Royal Brush metallic paint and Aleenes metallic paint, glitter acrylic paint, pearl acrylic paint or pearlescent acrylic paint (gives an effect like dragonfly / fairy wings) and fluorescent acrylic paint.

Whether you are a fine artist or a general hobbyist or crafter, Craftmill has a wide range of Royal Brush acrylic paints to suit all needs and at fantastic prices. You can be assured of unbeatable prices and excellent delivery service with our next day despatch promise.

Acrylic Enamel Airbrush Paint

These waterbased acrylic enamel air brush paints have been specially developed for easy use as they are non-hazardous and low odour.  They are suitable for interior and exterior use, in fact, anywhere a traditional solvent based enamel was used.  These tough, durable enamels are available in a large range of intermixable colours which can be painted onto plastic, metal, wood and glass

Acrylic Craft Varnish

Many crafts require reliable top quality acrylic varnish to complete the job. All of our Acrylic Craft Varnishes are top quality and offer the best value for crafters

Branded Craft Varnishes

Our branded craft varnishes include the well-known ‘Sculpey Studio Polymer Clay Varnish’, a favoured art varnish and craft varnish by professionals and hobbyists alike.

Own Brand Acrylic Craft Varnish

Craftmill’s own brand Acrylic Craft Varnish – Clear Acrylic Varnish available in three different pack sizes up to big 300ml bottle.  Very competitively priced with great results.

Acrylic Paint Offers

  • When acrylic varnish is dry it is water resistant and transparent Acrylic varnish can be used on all kinds of air dry, oven cured or kiln baked clays..
  • Acrylic varnish can also be used over acrylic paint to give added protection and to enhance the colours
  • You can use Acrylic Varnish to seal and enhance castings from Polyurethane and plaster of paris..
  • You can use Acrylic varnish to seal and enhance polystyrene products.
  • Add a durable seal or finish to baked polymer clay items with these compatible acrylic water-based varnish finishes
Unbeatable Prices and Excellent Delivery Service